03/06/2013 02:05 pm ET

Jessica Chastain In 'Tarzan'? Actress Reportedly The Frontrunner For Jane Role

Alexander Skarsgard, Tarzan; Jessica Chastain, Jane?

Page Six reports that Chastain is the frontrunner to play the King of the Jungle's love interest in Warner Bros.' reboot of the classic "Tarzan" tale.

David Yates ("Harry Potter") was announced as the director for the new "Tarzan" last fall, replacing Craig Brewer ("Footloose") who was originally attached to the project.

Brewer was vocal about his love of "Tarzan," telling Movieline in 2011, "It's been a passion project for me for years. I grew up watching the old Edgar Rice Burroughs movie [adaptations] on this channel called TV 44 when I was a kid and then in high school, I got into the [Tarzan] books so when I met with Warner Bros., I had a certain idea and they liked it. We're going to see how it works but I really just want to get in there, make a Tarzan movie and bring him back."

"True Blood" star Skarsgard was named as the expected Tarzan, and Samuel L. Jackson is also rumored for a role in the film. Other actors who have been rumored for the Tarzan role include Henry Cavill ("Man of Steel") and Charlie Hunnam ("Sons of Anarchy").

Chastain has been a very busy woman as of late. The Oscar-nominated actress appeared in "Zero Dark Thirty" and blockbuster thriller "Mama," and has booked parts in upcoming films such as "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" and "Miss Julie."

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