03/06/2013 02:22 pm ET

Joe Walsh Radio Show: Tea Party Ex-Congressman Inks Deal For Radio Host Gig

Look who just went and got a job!

Confirming previous rumors, fiery Tea Party favorite former Congressman Joe Walsh has signed on with conservative Chicago radio station WIND-AM (560) for a gig hosting a new radio show, Time Out Chicago's Robert Feder reported Wednesday.

According to Feder, Walsh's show -- which the ex-rep described as "Joe Walsh Unplugged for two hours a day" -- will air from 7-9 p.m. beginning March 18.

Walsh told the Daily Herald's Kerry Lester he plans to "use my voice on the radio just like I do in town halls around the state, to really be a strong advocate for freedom."

Though a manager at the Salem Media-owned station did not confirm Walsh's news, Feder reports that the new show will be formally announced March 14 when the 51-year-old ex-rep appears at a station-sponsored event titled "Obama 2.0: The Road Ahead" in suburban Lincolnshire.

Current WIND talk show hosts include the likes of Glenn Beck and frequent Rush Limbaugh guest host Michael Medved.

Walsh was defeated by U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth in Illinois' 8th congressional suburban Chicago district last fall. Since then, he launched a super PAC "to support freedom-loving conservative alternatives to Karl Rove" and has hinted at both a possible Senate and Illinois gubernatorial run.

Last month, Walsh filed a request for his remaining child support obligations to be drastically reduced due to his employment (in Congress) being "terminated through no voluntary act of his own."



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