03/06/2013 05:44 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

'Justified': Drew Thompson's Identity Revealed (VIDEO)

The search for Drew Thompson has come to be the dominating theme in a season of "Justified" that has seen villains come and go faster than Raylan can draw his gun. For the viewers, that search came to an end with the revelation of who he was. And it wasn't a new face or a big guest star. It was one of the characters already on the show.

It happened while Hunter was in the back of Raylan's car and Raylan was otherwise occupied. Shelby sat down next to him and offered him a set of keys to his handcuffs. "You stood up for me. I told you I’d keep your secret, and I did," Hunter said to Shelby. "So what now, Drew?"

That's right, Shelby -- the one law enforcement official who seemed to be straddling both sides of the law -- is the elusive and sought after Drew Thompson. It was a reveal that TV Fanatic thought wasn't all that surprising, but they loved how it was done. Thanks to Constable Bob, Raylan pieced it together as well. wondered if the reveal didn't come too soon. They believe fans would have held out longer to learn that answer, but if there's one thing this season has proven it's that everything's accelerated on "Justified."

See what happens now that the secret is out on "Justified," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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