03/06/2013 09:49 am ET

Louis Tomlinson & Lyrics: One Direction Singer Forgets Words At Recent Show

The five boy wonders of One Direction may have become pros at the whole internationally touring thing, but that doesn't mean they don't slip up from time to time.

During last week's show in the UK city of Cardiff, One Direction performed a cover of Wheatus' 2000 hit, "Teenage Dirtbag." The performance came to a halt, however, when singer Louis Tomlinson forgot the lyrics to the song.

In the shoddy video (shown above), Tomlinson steps forward to sing a line of "Teenage Dirtbag" before stopping and saying, "Okay, I just forgot the lyrics. I'm not even going to pretend I know them." When prompted, Tomlinson picks the song back up, before celebrating by raising his fist in the air and shouting, "Yeah!"

Not wanting to disappoint, mid-song he apologizes, "Sorry, Cardiff."

Tomlinson took to his Twitter after that evening to address the show.

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