03/06/2013 12:06 pm ET

Little Boy's Adorable Message Of Support For Matthew Pietrzyk, 7-Year-Old Needing Kidney Transplant (VIDEO)

Seven-year-old Matthew Pietrzyk was born with a rare genetic disorder that requires him to have a kidney transplant. But like so many transplant hopefuls, finding a matching kidney has been an uphill battle.

Fortunately for Matthew, 5-year-old Jack Scoble is around to lend support.

Last week, Jack, who is from Queensland Australia, made a sweet and heartwarming video and posted it to a Facebook page created for Matthew, reports the Leicester Mercury.

"My mum and dad have told me that you were waiting to find your new kidney," Scoble says in the video above. "I want to tell you to hang in there buddy."

He's speaking from experience, having had a kidney transplant only a year ago.

"I got my new kidney after a whole year and, even though I am little, I remember how hard it was living on the machine and having injections every day until my new kidney came. But keep your fight and your chin up, Matthew."

Darryl Scoble, Jack's father, posted an accompanying message that encouraged the Pietrzyks, who live in Glenfield, England, to keep in touch. According to the Daily Mail, it left them overwhelmed.

"Jack might be only five, but he summed it all up perfectly, what it is like to have to go through what he went through, and what it is like for Matthew," Mrs. Pietrzyk told the news source. "Matthew really liked it and because Jack is littler than him, he thought he was cute."

In 2007, Pietrzyk received one of his mother's kidneys, but it failed just after the transplant and required immediate removal. As he waits for a new kidney -- along with hundreds of other children on the national waiting list -- he undergoes daily dialysis sessions.

The family launched the Facebook campaign when they discovered that Matthew's youngest brother was not a blood match. They're planning to film a response from Matthew to Jack.



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