03/06/2013 04:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nok Air Flight Attendants: Airline Looking For Young Females, Friendly, With No Braces

Nok Airlines is hiring flight attendants, and it's being pretty specific about what type of ladies fit the bill. According to a post on the Thai airline's Facebook page, applicants must not be older than 25, must have a weight in proportion with their height, must speak English and must exhibit professionalism and friendliness. Oh, and they must not wear braces.

Nok Airlines/Facebook

Nok Air made headlines not long ago when it had Maxim models pose for a sexy airline calendar. (And you thought Ryanair already had the market cornered on that one!).

This also isn't the first time flight attendant issues have left people shaking their heads. Back in February, flight attendants from Korean airline Asiana were fighting for the right to wear pants. And, in 2011, another Asian airline, Garuda Indonesia, made waves when flight attendant hopefuls accused it of inappropriately handling their breasts in medical exams.

But hey, being a flight attendant can be a great career path.



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