03/06/2013 09:21 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Pantone Pairings Marry Our Favorite Foods And Design Swatches (PHOTOS)

David Schwen

Minneapolis-based designer and artist, David Schwen, just might have earned the keys to our hearts. His Pantone Pairings merge traditional Pantone color chips with foods that go together like, well, peas and carrots.

When food and design collide, the internet tends to fall in love, and Schwen's Pantone food pairings have been no exception. His Tumblr page continues to pop up with more brilliant food pairings every day, and we've even heard that he'll be making prints of the gorgeous photos very soon (they'll be available here). We can't seem to pick a favorite -- macaroni and cheese? Wasabi and soy sauce? Cake and ice cream? Check out a few of our favorites below, and click over to David's Tumblr page for the complete collection.

Have any food pairings to suggest? We're keeping our fingers crossed for spinach and feta.

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Pantone Food Pairings