03/06/2013 05:59 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Colombian Reporter Attacked By Crowds In Venezuela (VIDEO)

A reporter and her cameraman from RCN of Colombia were attacked by supporters of Venezuela's current government during a live coverage in the South American country, while the crew was following the details on Hugo Chavez’ death.

Images of the aggression show the journalist Carmen Andrea Rengifo, and her cameraman, Samuel Sotomayor, being beaten up and yelled to. The reporter later appears with blood over her face.

"We had been outside of the Hospital a few minutes. Then someone said we were a conspiring channel that was against Chavez... At that time people began to attack my cameraman and me with motorcycle helmets, sticks, fists and kicks," said the reporter Carmen Andrea Rengifo to Colombian daily El Pais.

"They came after us. I really do not know how we got out. My cameraman, fell about three times. They started popping shots. Honestly, I thought they had killed him," said Rengifo.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas apologized for the incident. Although, the leader said he understands the country is currently going through a really hard time, he emphasized that there were no excuses for such acts.

On Tuesday, the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez died at 4:25pm, Caracas time, as a result of a long battle against a cancer he could not beat.



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