03/06/2013 12:15 pm ET

Samuel Roy Cone II Allegedly Stabs Nephew's Pregnant Wife In Inheritance Dispute In Florida

A man allegedly stabbed a pregnant relative more than 30 times in Florida, because he was bitter about how another family member's estate will be divided.

Jill Feingold, 40 and her unborn child were listed in critical condition on Tuesday after she underwent surgery at a central Florida hospital, WPTZ reported.

Ocala police were dispatched to the scene after Feingold called 911 and said that Samuel Roy Cone II -- her husband's uncle -- knifed her while she lay on the bedroom floor. She's 22 weeks pregnant.

Outside the house, Cone walked towards arriving officers with his hands raised and wearing clothing that was splattered with blood, the Ocala Star-Banner reported.

Inside, police found a steak knife believed to be the weapon used to gouge Feingold on Monday.

"I'm sorry for all this," Cone said, according to Orlando's News 13. "They took all I had."

The stabbing took place in a home that Cone said his mother owns. He also reportedly lives there.

Police charged Cone, 59, with attempted murder and said the attack stemmed from an ongoing dispute about who'd inherit his mother's estate, the Star-Banner reported.

Since 2000, he has numerous arrests for charges like assault, battery and probation violations, according to the Marion County Sheriff's office.



Samuel Roy Cone II