03/07/2013 09:51 am ET

'American Idol': Charlie Askew Breaks Down After Harsh Criticism (VIDEO)

On “American Idol,” resident “awkward turtle” contestant Charlie Askew debuted a darker look and a darker sound. And it did not go over well.

Askew performed "Mama" by Genesis, and his performance left the judges perplexed.

"What happened? I don’t, I don’t know what happened. I feel like someone stole my kid,” Nicki Minaj asked.

“It seems like you like the classic rock songs, you’re trying maybe to bring that back to a younger generation. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re doing, or what it is,” Mariah Carey commented.

The criticism had Charlie tearing up and getting emotional.

Zap2It said it’s time to end the Charlie Askew “experiment.” “He's like a kid playing dress up. He's not authentically weird or tough or rebellious, he's like put-on weird ... he's a little boy. Send him home.

BuddyTV agreed, saying Charlie’s been in over his head since the competition started.

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