03/07/2013 01:46 pm ET

Anderson Cooper Recalls Visiting Strip Club, 'Was So Not Into It'

Anderson Cooper went to a strip club once — and to no one's surprise, he was super bored.

The host recalled the trip on his daytime show on Thursday, when he wondered how someone could have a missed connection at a strip club. "Either you are sitting there and someone is grinding on you or, what's the missed connection?" he asked guest co-host Lisa Rinna.

After joking that hearing him use the word "grinding" made her "hot," Rinna said that a lot of things happen in strip clubs.

"I don't want to know," Cooper said. "I went to one once for a bachelor party when I was in college and I literally was like talking to the ladies about their shoes. I mean, I was so not into it. I was like I am not even going to fake this one. It was Tampa, Florida. It was all guys from college, my team was there."



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