03/08/2013 01:48 pm ET

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

Here on HuffPost Women, we try not to obsess too much over age. (They say it's just a number, right?) But that doesn't mean that we ignore it completely either.

This week, women on Twitter were talking quite a bit about getting older, expressing both self-deprecation and nostalgia. Kendra Alvey had a birthday and explained her age like this: "Today I turned old enough to play a mom on the CW or a teenager in Grease." Alyssa Rosenberg shared the following: "How you know you're a grown-up: when you get exceedingly excited by the prospect of a free washing machine." And Anna Kendrick had a question: "How will I ever subject my future children to sufficient character-building humiliation if Glamour Shots no longer exists?"

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Funniest Tweets From Women