03/07/2013 06:02 am ET

'Duck Dynasty': Si Takes Over, Sets Off Sirens, During A Police Ride-Along (VIDEO)

As if they don't have enough going on, Willie and Si headed to the police department on the latest episode of "Duck Dynasty." Willie was invited by a police officer on a ride-along. Si overheard it and made sure the invitation was extended his way too. Then, he took the idea of being in a police car very seriously. Well, as seriously as Si takes anything.

"“Hey, look here. After ‘Nam, hey, I was almost a cop," he said. "The problem was, they wouldn’t let me carry a gun, because my fist was already registered as lethal weapons."

While inside a police cruiser, the officer was showing Si and Willie what the various buttons and dials do. Then Si uttered the words that no one close to him probably ever wants to hear him say.

"What’s this do?"

With that, the sirens and alarm started to go off. If there's a button that might do something cool, Si is clearly one of those guys who's going to press it.

Willie got to have some fun, too. When Jase's wife, Missy, drove by going 27 in a 25, the cop let them pull her over and mess with her, which Willie did by yelling at her through the microphone and even making her get out of her car before revealing it was him. Channel Guide Magazine loves that the show is "genuinely funny" with an "irresistible charm."

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