03/07/2013 03:01 pm ET

Kimira Hysaw, Texas Mom, Allegedly Used Stun Gun On Son

A Pflugerville, Tex., mom is accused of repeatedly using a stun gun on her 14-year-old son after he went out to play basketball without asking permission.

KVUE reports that Kimira Hysaw's 4-year-old daughter told her teacher last month that her 14-year-old brother was "Tased" four times by the children's mom.

The girl told police her father held the boy down while her mom stunned him for going out to play basketball without alerting his parents.

Gun store owner Michael Cargill told MyFox Austin a stun gun can do serious damage, even if used properly.

"You touch a person with this stun gun it's going to burn the skin, you're going to smell burnt skin and it's probably going to make you urinate," Cargill said. "It's a terrible thing that someone would actually use that to discipline their child."

Hysaw allegedly told police she only "threatened" her son with the stun gun, but didn't actually use it.

KYTX reports that Hysaw is charged with a felony count of injury to a child.



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