03/07/2013 11:26 am ET Updated Mar 07, 2013

Margaret Schneider, 86-Year-Old Woman With Dementia, Charged With Voter Fraud

Authorities in Minnesota have found the face of voter fraud: an 86-year-old woman with dementia.

The Nicollet County Attorney’s Office has charged Margaret Schneiderman, an elderly resident of St. Peter, Minn., who also suffers from Parkinson’s disease, with voting twice during the 2012 election, the Mankato Free Press reports. She now realizes she voted both via absentee ballot on July 13 and at her polling place on Aug. 14.

“It had been awhile and I didn't even remember. I was shocked to death because I thought my absentee ballot was for the president," Schneider told the paper. "I think if I'm convicted, they should be convicted too. They knew I had voted already, so they shouldn't have let me vote.”

Schneider will appear in court on April 2, according to the Free Press. She doesn't plan to have an attorney with her.

"It was a mistake," she said. "I didn't realize I had voted absentee until this all came out. It’s driving me crazy. I just wish it was all over with."

The Nicollet County Attorney did not immediately respond to The Huffington Post's request for comment.



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