03/07/2013 01:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mariah Carey's 'Dreams' Fragrance Brings The Star's Perfume Tally To 12 (PHOTOS)

As someone who spritzes on a different perfume each day, I won't even give Mariah Carey the side-eye for mixing up her 12th fragrance. You read right. The butterfly-obsessed diva is adding yet another scent to her fragrance line called Dreams.

Between juggling "dem babies," making kissy faces with husband Nick Cannon and snapping back at "American Idol" co-judge Nicki Minaj (in a classy way, of course), how does Carey find the time to play play perfumer -- or "perfumer-in-training" as she told People magazine.

"The process of creating a fragrance is exhilarating and it takes me to another place within my creative self,” said Carey. Uh-huh. (Translation: I'm going to get this money!)

Dreams, which is available at Kohl's starting in April, has quite the interesting blend for a floral fragrance. There are notes of honeysuckle, vanilla, patchouli and... wait for it... salted caramel apple. Why, you may ask? Carey explained: "The different scents derive … from childhood to performing on the world’s stage, to being in love, to feeling loved.”

Check out the imagery for Mariah Carey's Dreams fragrance below, plus a few of her most memorable perfume ads -- can you name all 12? (You'll get a gold star and a raised eyebrow from us if you can.)


mariah carey dreams fragrance

mariah carey m fragrance

mariah carey lollipop bling fragrance

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