03/07/2013 08:36 am ET Updated May 07, 2013

Organize Your Keys By Color Coding With Nail Polish

You'll thank us for this one.

Carrying around too many keys is a universal problem. While there are a few people who can get away with toting just one or two, most people have a keychain filled with these metal tools that will open front doors, basements, cars, offices, filing cabinets and who knows what else. And as if the extra weight in your pocket or bag isn't enough, it's also super difficult to remember which key goes to which lock. Luckily, Real Simple discovered an easy way to organize your keychain.

Simply lay keys on a flat surface and paint the tops of each in a different nail polish color. Overtime you'll start to remember that blue is for home and red is for the safe. Pretty simple, huh? Blogger C Mae from My Oh My, also recommends using glitter and glue to get the same effect -- just with a little pizzazz.

This is a great way to avoid stumbling and fumbling over all those little keys. Plus, it takes a pretty boring accessory and makes it fun.

Be sure to head over to Real Simple and My Oh My for more information. And check out other great cleaning tips in the slideshow below.

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