03/07/2013 11:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sharks Swarm Florida Beach By The Thousands; Beaches Closed (VIDEO)

The cold weather isn’t the only thing keeping South Florida swimmers out of the Atlantic Ocean.

This week thousands of blacktip and spinner sharks were filmed swarming off the state's southern coast as part of their seasonal migration. Watch the video above.

Tuesday and Wednesday, three Palm Beach County beaches were closed as the sharks could be seen jumping and flipping close to shore.

And after the fatal shark attack in New Zealand last week, no one is rushing back into the water.

Florida Atlantic University graduate student Shari Tellman has been researching this shark swarm via aerial footage of the population shot twice a week.

“In the height of February we are looking at 11 to 14,000 per survey. That’s a lot of sharks,” Tellman told CBS, noting that she manually counts the dark shadows caught on film.

“If you are looking at swimmers along the beach line and you look at pictures of these sharks, the sharks are right there," Tellman said. "These swimmers may or may not know that. But if they did they probably wouldn’t be in the water.”