03/08/2013 07:14 pm ET

'Bachelor' Finale: Catherine Says 'I Love You' To Sean, But He Doesn't Say It Back In Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

The "Bachelor" finale is just days away (Monday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC) and viewers are waiting with baited breath to see if Sean Lowe will choose Lindsay or Catherine.

HuffPost TV has an exclusive sneak peek of the highly-anticipated "Bachelor" finale for Season 17 and Catherine is really putting her heart on the line. "I do get nervous because it is is so hard and it is very scary to be emotional and do it to somebody that means so much to me," she says in the clip above. Then, she tells Sean she can't imagine things ending "any other way ... than me accepting your proposal."

Later that night, Catherine makes the bold decision to tell Sean she loves him. But he doesn't respond even close to the way she wants him to. "After a told him, 'I love you,' I was looking at him and hoping that I could see a glimmer of, you know, 'I want to be with you forever.' But nothing," she says in confessional. "This is painful."

The evening ends with Catherine collapsed on the bed and Sean stuck in the middle of the two finalists. "At this point, the only thing that's holding me is knowing that there's still Lindsay," he says in his confessional. "I never thought I'd be in this situation. It's killing me."

Tune in to see who Sean chooses when the "Bachelor" finale airs on Monday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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