03/08/2013 12:22 pm ET

Brian And Mary Lohse, Iowa Lottery Winners, To Bring Grocery Store To Town (VIDEO)

Some lottery winners like to live large, but Brian and Mary Lohse aren't ordinary lottery winners. Instead, they just want to make sure local residents have a grocery store.

In September, the Bondurant, Iowa, couple won $202 million in the Powerball lottery. A chunk of that, $3.5 million, will go toward the town's first grocery store.

"Since I have been elected mayor, one of the things people have been asking for is having a grocery store put in," Bondurant Mayor Keith Ryan says in the AOL video above.

Currently, residents must visit one of the town's two gas stations to buy required items, according to KCCI. Alan Perry, who lives near Bondurant, has to travel outside the town to purchase food.

“It'll just be a little mom-and-pop type shop that will focus on some unique things,” Lohse said of the store, which is expected to open in late April on Brick Street.

The Lohses made news in December when it was announced that they'd given $3 million to their son's high school for a new football stadium. They requested that the stadium visitor's locker room be painted pink.

Another lottery-winning couple from Missouri has also used their winnings to help their community. Mark and Cindy Hill gave their town more than $50,000 to buy land for a new sewage treatment plant and to build a firehouse.



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