03/08/2013 10:58 am ET

Charlize Theron Jeans Line On The Way?

If Matthew McConaughey can launch a collection of shirts, then anything is possible in the world of celebrity clothing lines.

The latest line might be coming to us from Charlize Theron, who is reportedly working with her stylist on a line of jeans. The Hollywood Reporter writes that stylist Leslie Fremar is "shopping the idea" of a Theron-branded denim collection to be sold by mass-market retailers.

While a rep for Theron wouldn't confirm the story, it wouldn't surprise us too much. Most A-list actors have snagged themselves a fragrance (Jennifer Aniston), a cosmetics line (Salma Hayek) or a clothing line of some sort. Charlize has already proven her fashion world cred with her long-running Dior campaigns, so perhaps she figured it was time to slap her own name on a product.

Then again, denim would be a random pick for Charlize. How about hair products for women rocking buzzcuts?


Before Charlize cut all her hair...

Charlize Theron

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