03/08/2013 12:48 pm ET

Craig Ferguson Rips NBC For 'Community' Mistreatment (VIDEO)

Craig Ferguson had "Community" star Gillian Jacobs on his show Thursday night, and after a lovely, fairly uneventful interview, the "Late Late Show" host dropped this bomb on CBS' rival network.

"Thank you so much for being here, from the wonderful show 'Community,' which is so abused by NBC, but then again they're (bleeping) idiots," Ferguson quipped. While Jacobs cringed, the audience laughed and cheered.

"Community" has certainly seen some trouble during its run. While it’s been critically praised, the show has seen its creator Dan Harmon fired, had to deal with the Chevy Chase circus, multiple scheduling switches and has struggled in the ratings.

In fact, earlier this week Jacobs said she felt it was near cancellation, although she told HuffPost TV the cast remains hopeful about a possible fifth season.

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