03/08/2013 01:38 pm ET Updated May 08, 2013

Denver Dumb Friends League: Name Your Price This Month For An Adult Cat 1 Year Old Or Older (PHOTOS)

It's kitty March Madness at the Denver Dumb Friends League, and that means adoption deals right meow!

This month you can name your price for an adult cat (age 1 year or older) and in the process, you'll help free up more room for the shelter to take in more animals.

Plus the DDFL is offering cat classes for kitty novices and connoisseurs alike. Did you know that cats can be trained?

"Cats are intelligent and receptive to training, just like dogs and other animals," said Matt Levien, behavior manager for the Dumb Friends League. Levien's class helps teach owners how to train their cats to "sit," "roll over" and even "roll over."

Check out some of the Denver Dumb Friends League's adoptable cats this week!



Adoptable Cats This Week