03/08/2013 04:37 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2013

Eva Longoria Dances Sensually While Undressing In New Commercial (VIDEO)

What does Eva Longoria do everyday when she gets home? She DANCES!

As part of the launch of a new advertising campaign, Longoria can be seen displaying her extraordinary dance moves, as well as her enviable figure. Although we understand the commercial’s purpose is to communicate the existence of the cat food brand Sheba, what really caught our attention are her sensual movements while undressing to the rhythm of the music.

The images show the Mexican-American star getting home where her cat has been waiting for her. She quickly turns up the radio volume and begins to dance non-stop while her pet follows her around the house, until she gives it food.

However, if you thought that this represented a normal day at Longoria’s home, we are sorry to disappoint you, because the actress confessed in an interview with HuffPost Voces that she does not own a feline in real life.

"No, it is not my cat, it's a professional actor," said Longoria to HuffPost Voces on the commercial’s cat.

Despite the star not currently owning one, she admits she loves and admires these animals.

"I love the qualities of cats. They are independent, feminine, self-sufficient, and playful, soulful, they are much like humans. I find their qualities admirable," says Longoria.

This is not the only project the actress is working on these days. Aside from the campaign, and political advocacy work she has been doing on behalf of the Hispanic community in the United States, Longoria is also currently producing the TV shows "Ready for Love,” expected to be transmitted on NBC in March, as well as "Devious Maids" which will run on Lifetime.



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