03/08/2013 04:34 am ET Updated Mar 08, 2013

'Glee' 500th Song Is 'Shout!', But Will Is Sadly Quiet After Finn Confesses To Kissing Emma (VIDEO)

There was jubilation and heartbreak on "Glee" this week. The show celebrated its 500th musical number -- which turned out to be their take on "Shout!" -- while Finn finally cleared his conscience and came clean with Will. Before he did that, though, he pushed his former teacher and friend to fight for Emma.

Will even went old-school, holding a boombox outside of her window. Of course, though, Will and New Directions were singing to Emma rather than just letting the song play. The gambit worked, as she opened up to Will about her insecurities after his long absence. What she didn't tell him, though, was that Finn had awkwardly and abruptly kissed her.

Consumed by guilt, Finn finally did that himself. "I didn’t mean to, because I don’t even think of her like that. I swear," he said. "And I tried to tell you, but I couldn’t because I knew that it would ruin everything."

It may well have, based on the cold look Will gave him before simply walking away. E! Online said, "Yikes!" nothing that there was a lot of walking away sadly in this episode. Jake walked away after Marley admitted to her kiss with Ryder. As for Rachel, she didn't walk away but rather fell into Santana's arms over her pregnancy -- which seems all but confirmed now.

Watch the fallout of Finn's bombshell reveal on "Glee," Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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