03/08/2013 06:57 am ET

'King Of The Nerds' Finale: Did Celeste, Danielle, Genevieve Or Ivan Win? (VIDEO)

Four walked into the "King of the Nerds" finale, but only one could be triumphant. And after a Segway challenge that had them navigating through a maze eliminated Ivan, there could be only three. Interestingly enough, all three of the finalists at that point were women, meaning they would be crowning a queen as "King of the Nerds."

The next challenge was a trivia challenge, and Danielle got to go first for winning the Segway challenge. Unfortunately, she struggled and though it was a close finish, Danielle was eliminated by a single point. That left Genevieve and Celeste as the two remaining finalists. At this point, it was up to the women to convince the eliminated "nerds" to vote them as the winner.

The two took different approaches with the jury. Genevieve played up her strength and leadership in the game, while Celeste instead talked about how the show helped her grow as a person, gaining confidence and becoming more comfortable in her nerd-skin.

The sincerity and emotional impact of Celeste's words resonated stronger with the jury, and she found herself hoisted atop the Throne of Games as the first "King of the Nerds." Not to mention she won a cool $100,000. CarterMatt attributed her win to her growth throughout the season.

"I’m ready to represent everyone. I’m ready to show that a nerd really did come this far," she said. With "King of the Nerds" renewed for a second season, Celeste can come back and inspire a new batch of nerds next year.

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