03/08/2013 04:29 am ET Updated Mar 08, 2013

Kunal Nayyar Admits He Was An 'A-Hole' Shortly After Starting On 'The Big Bang Theory' (VIDEO)

"The Big Bang Theory" is a huge hit now, and its made big stars out of its cast. But Kunal Nayyar admitted to getting a little ahead of himself during his visit with "Kathy." According to Nayyar, he was a bit of an "a-hole" way back in Season 1. He admitted that he got a big head after doing just eight episodes of "Big Bang," and the show wasn't nearly such a big hit then.

He said he'd go around demanding to be let into night clubs based on the power of his name and show. But no one knew who he was, and the matter was only made worse by the 2007 writers' strike. Because of the work stoppage, "Big Bang" wasn't even on the air anymore.

"I went through this phase where I was a little over my head," Nayyar said. "It took Chuck Lorre to sit me down and say, listen, the only way to survive in this industry is humility and I calmed down after that first year."

It's a good thing Lorre had that talk with him. If he was an "a-hole" after eight episodes, imagine how big his head would be now that the show is the biggest comedy on television.

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