03/08/2013 07:13 am ET Updated Mar 08, 2013

'Two And A Half Men': After A Fight Over A Toaster, Alan Moves In With Herb (VIDEO)

It was a strangely mundane episode of "Two and a Half Men." After Alan burned down Walden's toaster, he bought a cheap one to replace it. After Walden lashed out, the two continued fighting until finally Alan threatened to move out. Walden called him on it, and so Alan wound up moving in with his ex-wife's ex-husband, Herb (Ryan Stiles).

Herb liked having Alan around so much, that he refused to tell Alan when Walden started calling him. Walden discovered that he was lonely in the house without Alan around to talk to, and Berta just isn't one for conversation.

Finally, he went over to Herb's house and the two reconciled. So Alan moved back in the end. CarterMatt called the ending totally predictable, and was disappointed in almost every part of the episode -- save for Herb's strange obsession with trains.

It was a strangely self-contained episode that didn't progress any storylines whatsoever. TV Fanatic called the entire episode predictable, as well as a little repetitive. After all, Alan has moved out before. At least they thought it was still funny.

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