03/08/2013 07:14 am ET

'What Not To Wear' Teaches Busy Mom How To Cover Her Cleavage, Look Good With Class (VIDEO)

Andrea is a busy mother of five who wasn't happy with the shape of her body, in regards to her weight. Clinton Kelly and Stacy London took her under their wing on the latest "What Not to Wear" and taught her that there's more to her than cleavage.

While she covered most of her body, Andrea admitted she loved to flaunt her cleavage. She explained that it helped show her confidence while providing a distraction from the rest of her body. Of course, this wasn't a healthy way to think about herself, nor was it a great way to carry herself.

Clinton and Stacy gave her a total makeover, showing her that she can look good in the shape she's in, and she can do it with a little more class.

"Forget about that woman in the past. You both have allowed me to embrace who I am and to enjoy how I look and I just want to say thank you," Andrea told the pair.

She should be extra thankful, as she'll be one of the last makeovers Clinton and Stacy get to do. TLC announced that this current 10th season of "What Not to Wear" will be its last.

For now, tune in to "What Not to Wear," Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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