03/10/2013 03:40 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2013

Michael Bloomberg On Obama Golf Trips: The President Should Be Playing Every Weekend

Of the biggest criticisms levied against President Barack Obama, atop the list is the claim that the commander-in-chief struggles at schmoozing.

In the eyes of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Obama should be doing more of just that. In a Sunday interview with CBS' "Face The Nation" Bloomberg stressed how the president should be pursuing avenues to increase his social capital -- headed by golf.

"I find it fascinating, people criticize him for taking people to dinner - he should be doing that every night," Bloomberg said. "They criticize him for going and playing golf with people who he's got to deal with. He should be doing that every weekend. You always can work better with somebody that you have a chance to build a social relationship with."

Bloomberg's comments come days after Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) asked Obama to suspend his golf outings until White House tours resume. That amenity was lost as part of budget cuts imposed under sequestration.

“During these tough economic times many Americans have planned, saved and scrimped enough funds to make their way to the nation’s Capitol this spring," Gohmert wrote. "It is more than troublesome that our President is standing in the way of families and lifelong memories. President Obama has often called for solidarity in his speeches. Now is the time for our Commander-in-Chief to lead the way.”

Bloomberg was a late entry into the Obama 2012 supporters ring, endorsing the president five days before November's Election Day contest. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy's devastation, the mayor cited Obama's views on climate change as a primary motivator behind his decision.