03/11/2013 03:53 pm ET

David Bowie 'The Next Day': Pop Star's Ex-Wife Slams His New Album

After a 10-year hiatus from the music business, David Bowie is releasing his new album, "The Next Day," in the U.S. on Tuesday. While critics have praised his latest work, David's ex-wife, Angie Bowie, is decidedly less than impressed.

"I listened to the first single ("Where Are We Now?") and it was just awful, just diabolical," Angie told UK tabloid The Sun. "The second one was worse than that. This is supposed to be the greatest comeback of the century? It’s boring. I think every release since the first eight albums has been rubbish.”

The pair -- who has one adult son together -- divorced in 1980 after 10 years of marriage. Angie says that she and David had an unconventional and at times difficult relationship, between his bisexuality, depression and drug addictions.

In May 1992, David got remarried to supermodel Iman, whom he met on a blind date a year and a half prior. In 2000, the couple welcomed a daughter named Alexandria Zahra Jones.

Click over to The Sun for more details on the rocker's first marriage. Then, click through the slideshow below for photos of David Bowie through the years.

David Bowie Through The Years

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