03/11/2013 10:33 am ET

Egypt-o-Mania! Exploring King Tut’s Cultural Influence—and His Connection To The Downton Abbey Mansion

For a period of several months in 1978 and 1979, the most valuable pieces of real estate in all of Manhattan may well have been spots at the front of the line for "Treasures of Tutankhamun," at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some eight million people visited the Tut exhibition--a number not only greater than the population of New York at the time, but more than Tut ruled when he was king. This was the beginning of the art-museum blockbuster show. Vanity Fair contributing editor David Kamp's remarkable piece on the exhibition and the sensation it caused, "King of New York," brings readers back to "one of the most all-encompassing cultural phenomena of the second half of the 20th century."

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