03/12/2013 05:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Book Club: Our First 2013 Choice Is...

Hello. We're back.

Since the completion of American Dervish in December, we've been inundated with tweets, emails and comments asking when the next book club pick would be announced.

We're sorry for the delay - we've been doing some work behind the scenes to make the HuffPost Book Club even better, and here we are with the first choice of 2013. We knew it had to be a special pick, that leads the way for a year of fantastic book-related discussions.

We asked around. We asked each other. And we all agreed: The Fault in Our Stars by the impossibly charming John Green.

It may be primarily aimed at a teen audience, but it's proven popular with all ages, and rightfully so. And though we're not the first to discuss this book, we're going to be doing so in a whole different way. Whether you've read it before, been meaning to pick it up, or have never heard of this title until now, you're going to want to join us on this five-week journey.

You have two weeks to find yourself a copy of The Fault in Our Stars. We will reconvene back here on March 27th when our Books and Teen editors will share thoughts on why this book is important not just as a piece of literature, but also as a rite of passage for a certain group of readers.

Here's some places where you can pick it up:

Your local indie bookstore
Barnes & Noble (who have an exclusive edition with bonus content)
Your local public library

Our conversations will live on this discussion page:
Bookmark it from now until the reading is complete to stay up to date.

In the meantime, why not familiarize yourself with some essential John Green links (warning: he is VERY prolific):

The popular online video series of conversations between John and his brother Hank, which just passed 1 million subscribers!
John Green's Tumblr
• Nerdfighters (noun: people made out of awesome; also, group name for fans of John and Hank Green) have a Ning community page
John Green's Crash Course in Literature videos
Our interview with John back in October

Will you be reading with us this month?