03/11/2013 04:29 pm ET

I Did Everything You're Not Supposed To Do When Your Kid Hurts Themselves

Having twins can be the most amazing experience of your life. It can also cause you to wake up in the morning wishing you were someone else. Twinning offers an honest depiction of life with twins from a mom who tries to keep things somewhere in the middle.

I come from a family of worriers so naturally once my twins Allie and Nick were born, I signed up for a “Pediatric Emergency” class so I’d be ready for anything. It was an excellent class led by an experienced ER doctor. He told us all the things you should do if your kid gets hurt, like expect a lot of blood from facial injuries and don’t panic because the large quantity of blood makes it look worse than it seems. He told us that kids take their cues from us, so definitely try not to look panicked when they get hurt or your kid will freak.

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