03/11/2013 07:54 pm ET

Oakland Zoo Baby Meerkats Are Born (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Brace yourself for some meerkat adorableness courtesy of the Oakland Zoo.

The zoo recently welcomed three baby meerkats to its mob. The cute pups, named Ayo, Rufaro and Nandi, are just six weeks old.

The three pups mark the zoo's first successful litter in over a year. Baby meerkats are fragile, and often times, dominant members of the mob will kill newborn pups. Thankfully, Ayo, Rufaro and Nandi have beat the odds so far.

"It has been wonderful watching the mob raise the pups," Zoologicial Manager Victor Alm said in a statement. "It has truly been a collective effort and all the adults are taking their turns caring for and teaching the new pups their different roles and jobs needed to be a productive meerkat."

Zookeepers will maintain a hands off approach while caring for the animals over the next few weeks. As a result, the sexes of the pups are currently unknown.

With the new additions, the Oakland Zoo now has a eight meerkats total. Visitors can view the pups during normal zoo hours.

Check out photos of the babies below:

Oakland Zoo Baby Meerkats