03/11/2013 07:09 pm ET

Steve Carrell Shares Adorable Story About Asking His Wife Out

Billed as the nicest guy in Hollywood, Steve Carell, 50, couldn't have a lovelier story of how he got together with his wife.

"I beat around the bush [before asking her out] and said something stupid like, 'Well, you know, if I were to ever ask someone out, it would be someone like you,'" Carell told Details magazine of his wife, Nancy, whom he met when she was a student at Second City and he was her teacher. "It's so stupid, but it was all self-protection. She was the same way: 'If somebody like you were to ask me out, I would definitely go out with him. If there was a person like you.'"

Fortunately, there was.

Though he plays a washed-up magician in this month's "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," Carell's Details interview proves his on-screen persona couldn't be further from his real one.

Besides his personal romantic success story, Carell also takes credit for making his "The Office" costar John Krasinski the object of many women's affection. After all, he was the one who insisted Krasinski's character Jim get together with Pam fairly early on and not "drag out [their] romance for six seasons."

About his humble beginning, Carell told Details he had no idea at the time that working as a correspondent for "The Daily Show" would launch his career. "Nobody had any sense of that. As a matter of fact, my agent couldn't have cared less that I was taking that job. 'If you want to take it, that's fine,'" said Carell. "Stephen Colbert got it for me. There wasn't even an audition. That was a bone thrown by a friend."

As for what's next, Carell is set to appear in the much awaited sequel "Anchorman 2," where he'll reprise the role of Brick (opposite Kristen Wiig, who's set to play his wife). "Anchorman ... is not grounded in anything -- it's just unrelentingly silly," he told Details. "There is absolutely no heart to that movie, which I love."

Coincidentally, so does America.



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