03/11/2013 07:41 am ET

'The Mentalist': Lorelei Martins Returns With A Vengeance, Learns The Truth About Her Sister's Death (VIDEO)

Emmanuelle Chriqui returned to "The Mentalist" as Lorelei Martins. She went on a killing spree to enact revenge for her sister's death, but she didn't have all the facts. Jane helped her to realize that it was her boss, Red John, who had been behind her loss.

For his help in unconvering the truth, Lorelei had agreed to reveal Red John's true name. But when it came time to do it, she simply didn't. "We had an agreement, "Jane said.

"Well I’m breaking it. I’ve done far worse," she replied simply. She decided to take matters into her own hands. "He’s got weaknesses. He can die. And I’m gonna kill him."

Only things didn't work out that way. Instead, Lorelei turned up dead herself soon after that exchange. TV Fanatic was disappointed, calling Lorelei Red John's most fascinating minion.

Chriqui took to Twitter to thanks her fans, writing that it "was a great ride."

The mystery continues on "The Mentalist," Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

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