03/11/2013 06:16 pm ET

Troy Hennum, Girls Softball Coach, Allegedly Had Team Pick Up Women For Him

A high school softball coach from Seattle has resigned in the wake of some unusual allegations: Troy Hennum, 25, is accused of asking the girls from his team to go out and pick up women for him.

According to the Seattle Times, Hennum had reportedly been on the job for just six days before he was placed on unpaid leave for allegedly telling his athletes to find attractive women, take pictures of them and obtain their phone numbers on his behalf.

One of those women, Katharine Aagard, told the Seattle Times that she started getting text messages from Hennum after a group of girls approached her at the sporting goods store where she works.

Aagard went on to share her story with ABC News, explaining that, at first, she was flattered.

"They asked me if they could get my phone number and take a picture of me for their coach," Aagard told the news outlet, in addition to revealing some flirtatious text messages the two exchanged.

Later, though, Aagard grew suspicious of Hennum and found search results online about his past that gave her second thoughts about communicating with him.

As the Kirkland Reporter noted back in June, Hennum was previously investigated by another school district for texting a girl on his team and asking her if she wanted to meet up while at an overnight tournament.

The district eventually concluded that there was not an inappropriate relationship going on between the two, according to the news outlet. Hennum reportedly admitted exercising bad judgement, but he claimed that he only reached out to the girl because he was concerned about her.

Deadspin has since done its own digging into Hennum and alleges that he keeps a side job picking games for people at the website The blog has since posted pictures showing a man who appears to be Hennum posing with several sports figures, including former NBA player Brent Barry and Channing Frye of the Phoenix Suns.