03/12/2013 07:10 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

Afghan Policeman Murad Khan Reportedly Saved Lives By Hugging Suicide Bomber

During Chuck Hagel's first visit to Afghanistan as U.S. Defense Secretary, the country suffered two suicide bomber attacks. One of those attacks was followed by an amazing tale of bravery.

According to CNN, Murad Khan, an Afghan police officer in the country's southeast Khost province, recognized one of the bombers with a suicide vest attempting to enter a village on Saturday. Unable to stop him, Khan reportedly hugged the bomber, effectively using his body to dampen the explosion and decrease casualties.

Khan was killed in the resulting blast, along with 8 children. According to Agence France-Presse, the intended targets of the bombing were likely coalition forces training nearby with Afghan police officers.

Afghan journalist Habib Totakhil later tweeted a photo he said was Khan's portrait, held by a solemn boy with an Afghan flag:

In an email to reporters, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the other suicide attack, which took place in Kabul, "was a message to [Hagel]."



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