03/12/2013 04:41 pm ET

April Stevens, Louisiana Psychic, Allegedly Told Woman To Give Her $10,000 For 'Cleansing'

Wonder if she saw the arrest coming.

A police report obtained by said that, back in July, practicing psychic April Stevens of Harahan, La., allegedly told a woman she suffered from a potentially deadly curse that could only be lifted by "cleansing" $10,000 of the woman's money.

The woman raised the funds, which Stevens promised to give back once it had been purified. But when the woman asked for her cash after several months, Stevens allegedly told her it hadn't been cleansed yet.

Eventually, the victim got tired of waiting for the purification process to run its course and complained to police, who arrested Stevens on Feb. 28, according to the Times-Picayune.

Sgt. Brian McGregor told the paper Stevens is still liable for theft, even though the victim willingly gave up the cash.

"Here, you have an incident in which she was given something to hold, money, with the understanding that it will be returned," McGregor said. "You fail to return the items when requested by the victim, thus permanently depriving them of their rightful property."

Stevens legal trouble is small potatoes compared to the mess fortune teller Peaches Stevens, got in when she was accused last year of making off with $136,000 of her customer's cash.



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