03/12/2013 05:14 pm ET

Arctic Monkeys' 2013 Album In The Works

Once heralded as the next Beatles, British band the Arctic Monkeys are working on a fifth studio album.

In a recent interview with UK publication NME, drummer Matt Helders spoke about the band's latest work, saying "The band's just been working together... working on our own so far, writing and stuff."

Helders said that there is no release date for a new album but hinted that it would be out this year, adding, "There's no time deadlines or anything like that for release. We're just getting back into it, because it always takes a while to get back into it."

Formed in 2002, Arctic Monkeys released its first album, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not," in 2006. The album was very well received, nabbing the title of best album of the year from Time Magazine. The band's last album, "Suck It and See," was released in 2011. While it charted on the Billboard 200, the band has struggled to reach the same level of hype that surrounded their early work.

Before they release a fifth album, the Arctic Monkeys have a busy schedule ahead, playing summer festivals in the U.S. and abroad.

For more, head over to NME.

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