03/12/2013 12:16 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

Arianne Myles Allegedly Kills Ex-Boyfriend Harold Davis Jr. In Post Office Shooting

A Florida woman allegedly shot and killed her ex-boyfriend during a post office encounter that police say was completely unplanned.

Arianne Myles, 22, was driving near a post office in Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon when, by chance, she saw her ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Harold Davis Jr., News 4 Jax reported.

She then "pulled her car behind his, retrieved the weapon from the back seat, went out and confronted him and shot him numerous times, killing him,” Lt. Rob Schnoover told the St. Augustine Record.

Several witnesses, including the passenger inside Davis' car, told authorities they saw Myles shoot and kill Davis.

Retired Sheriff's Officer Mark Shinholser happened to be across the street. He jumped in his car and followed Myles as she peeled away. He also called 911, and other law enforcement officials joined the pursuit.

Officers caught up to Myles when she allegedly crashed into another car at an intersection. The passengers in the other car were uninjured, while Myles suffered a broken arm.

Davis' father, Harold Davis Sr., told the St. Augustine Record that his son and Myles had dated for about a year and a half, and had been broken up for about seven months. During that time, Myles had allegedly harassed her ex on several occasions.

Myles had proposed to his new girlfriend on Saturday, but Davis Sr. said he didn't know if Myles had known about that.

Myles' mother, Jasmine, told My TV Jax that her daughter is a peaceful person. She said she was shocked that Myles would be able to kill someone, and has no idea how her daughter even got a hold of a gun.

"We do not like guns," Jasmine told the station. "I'm not a violent person, so I was surprised to hear that."

Myles has been charged with murder.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article cited the "St. Augustine Press." The paper is called the "St. Augustine Record."



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