03/12/2013 09:59 am ET

Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Will Not Be In Hawaii, According To Rep

Jennifer Aniston's wedding is the subject of much speculation.

As the A-list actress prepares to say "I do" for the second time, rumors of when, where and who will be invited to the wedding have surfaced. Most recently, Perez Hilton claimed that Aniston plans to tie the knot with Justin Theroux in Hawaii, as the 44-year old actress wanted to wed somewhere she could escape from all the "crazy media hoopla" of Los Angeles.

And though we're sure, there's nothing Aniston would like more than some privacy on her wedding day, her rep told the New York Post, that the actress isn't getting married in Hawaii. "It's all made up," she said.

And if you're looking for more reports that are likely just as false, the U.K. paper The Sun is actually claiming that Aniston and Theroux's wedding could happen on the same day as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's impending nuptials. Yeah, somehow we just don't see that happening.

Despite the fact that Aniston hasn't told anyone about her plans for her wedding -- not even good pal Chelsea Handler -- Yahoo! OMG is reporting that Aniston wants to make sure this wedding is very different from the one she had with Pitt; she probably won't wear a white dress; the guest list will be super small; the couple will likely skip a traditional wedding registry in lieu of donations; and their honeymoon is likely to be somewhere they've never been before.

Sure, let's see how that all works out.



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