03/12/2013 09:55 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Mika Brzezinski On Soda Ban Block: These Drinks Are 'Killing Us' (VIDEO)

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A judge recently blocked the soda ban set to take effect in New York City — and Mika Brzezinski was predictably upset about the decision.

A judge rejected the ban, which would have prohibited the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 oz. in restaurants, movie theaters and other venues, on Monday. Brzezinski, who is famously health-conscious, railed against the ruling on Tuesday's "Morning Joe."

"The American Beverage Association is relieved because they can continue to make money poisoning people," she declared, speaking over co-host Joe Scarborough's protests.

Scarborough, who opposed the ban, and the rest of the "Morning Joe" panel ribbed her over her reaction. The show cut to correspondent Louis Burgdorf, who was wearing a soda helmet. "Cut his mic," Brzezinski said, hitting Scarborough on the arm.

Brzezinski predicted that the soda industry would be implicated in court one day. "Don't be mad at me about that," she said. "Be mad at the fact that you buy this stuff again and again and again and these companies feel like they have to produce poison for you and your children."

"Come on, stop it!" Scarborough exclaimed.

"It's killing us, it's killing our children," Brzezinski insisted. "It's liquid poison."

Later, Scarborough passed around a plate of mini-donuts around the table and drank from a cup of soda.



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