03/12/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pictionary Marriage Proposal Features "Marry Me" Card (PHOTOS)

Board games aren't just for kids -- turns out they're actually the perfect way to pop the question.

That was the idea behind a Reddit user named Mike's proposal to his girlfriend, Conny, during a game of Pictionary on Friday night. He snuck the words "Marry me" onto a card, then "guessed" the phrase after she drew it. The photos of the proposal he posted on Imgur and Reddit Tuesday have generated more than 2,300 comments and 140,000 views so far.

Mike told HuffPost Weddings that he was looking for a creative, memorable way to propose, and remembered how much fun they've had at game nights with friends.

"I liked the idea of proposing at home, over something we both liked doing, and with friends around," he said.

In a post on Imgur, Mike explained that he found the Pictionary card that included the word "Marry," then used Photoshop to make an exact replica of the card and add "me" to end. He said he rigged the game so Conny would draw the card while they played with a few friends (none of whom knew of his plan).

When she started drawing "Marry me," everyone began guessing. After a few wrong answers (he said he wanted her to "work for it"), he finally shouted, "Marry me!" then pulled out a ring.

"Her first words were, 'WHAT?!?' followed by, 'What is thaaat?!, and finally, 'Where did you get that??' She was beyond shocked," he wrote.

Conny eventually said, "yes"! Check out photos of the proposal below.

He's not the only kid-at-heart boyfriend to pop the question. Another man took inspiration from children's toys when he proposed to his girlfriend with a stop-motion LEGO film in 2012.

Click through the slideshow below to see some of the best video game marriage proposals.

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