03/12/2013 09:53 am ET

Rachel Maddow Went To CPAC Once, Got Spit On (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow stopped by Jay Leno's late night talk show Monday night and revealed that she once attended the annual conservative conference, CPAC. As one might imagine, she experienced a few awkward moments.

CPAC 2013 will begin on Friday in Washington D.C. The conference made headlines recently when it was reported that organizers did not invite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Maddow told viewers about her own experience at the conference and weighed in on CPAC's Christie snub.

"I went one year," Maddow said. "I had one guy scream at me on an escalator. It got spit all over my face. But aside from that, people were very nice." Maddow added, "They had made doormats with MSNBC hosts on the doormats, which I thought was kind of awesome. Merchandising for us! Thank you!"

On the topic of Christie, Maddow said that the governor was not invited to the conference because he is "not pure."

"I come from a liberal perspective but I like reporting on Republicans so much because their internal fights are fascinating," Maddow said. "Since Bush and Cheney, [Republicans] have been in this process of purifying, and purifying and purifying, and kicking people out who aren't absolutely with them on everything. And you can only do that for so long before it's just you standing along in the room being very pure."



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