03/12/2013 06:19 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

'Steak And BJ Day': Pleasure Chest Offers Classes To Prep For Men's Holiday

Well color us late to the party. Apparently since Valentine's Day is all about the ladies in relationships, men have decided they need a romantic day (March 14) especially dedicated to them.

And while shopping for a wife or girlfriend is full of present pitfalls (chocolate or flowers? Jewelry or dinner?), men only want two things: steak and a BJ.

We're not exactly sure how a night of red meat and oral sex on March 14 is any different from what couples end up doing on Feb. 14. But if you want to actually celebrate the big night, the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood is offering a free class Wednesday on oral sex techniques, complete with a chance to win free steaks and gifts cards from butchers Lindy & Grundy, reports LAist.

Called "Head of the Class: Blowjobs 201," the workshop is for people who feel "confident in giving head, but [want] to take their skills to the next level." The class will help students perfect "grip and mouth movement," as well help tailor BJs to specific partners.

Be warned: classes fill up fast.

h/t LAist

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