03/12/2013 06:31 am ET

'Switched At Birth' Finale: Occupy Carlton Ends, Bay And Daphne Feud Over The Same Guy (VIDEO)

There were plenty of fireworks on the mid-season finale of "Switched at Birth." While the sit-in ended in the students getting dragged out of Carlton by the police, they did manage to keep their school open. Unfortunately, they had to concede some of their demands. Even worse, the school will be integrating even more hearing students into the school, and it won't even be requiring them to learn sign language to be there.

On the home front, things reached a head between Bay and Daphne as well. All of this over that kiss that meant so much more than it should have at the play between Daphne and Bay's boyfriend. Ultimately, he admitted to Bay that he had feelings for Daphne -- saying that the two shared a connection.

When Bay confronted Daphne, though, Daphne denied any feelings or action on her part. "I didn’t try to steal your boyfriend! I wouldn’t do that," she said. "Don’t you ever get tired of seeing yourself as the victim all the time?"

"I didn’t use to feel like that until you showed up," Bay said.

Elsewhere, Regina finally agreed to accept help for her drinking problem and headed into rehab. And Bay struggled with her own emotions when Angelo's baby was born, making her a big sister. It was difficult seeing him there for this daughter when he was never there for her -- or Daphne for that matter.

Fans won't have to wait long for the next chapter of "Switched at Birth." Season 2 will continued on June 10.

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