03/12/2013 10:51 am ET

'The Good Wife' Musical? Christine Baranski's On Set Singing

"The Good Wife" is full of musical stars and they're not afraid to show off their pipes ... just not on camera.

According to new recurring "The Good Wife" guest star Jess Weixler, Christine Baranski is quite the on-set singer. "You know, Christine does walk around the set singing," Weixler told Vulture. "Basically off-camera, it's 'Good Wife: The Musical.' [Laughs.] I will suggest doing that on-camera, if I ever have any power."

Can you imagine Baranski bursting into song during a courtroom scene?

"The Good Wife" isn't the only popular drama stacked with musical stars who like to get their singing on behind the scenes. Mandy Patinkin does the same thing on "Homeland" ... and he has been known to moon his co-stars too.

"And Mandy did something really quite inappropriate, which I’m not going to divulge," Rupert Friend told Vulture. "But put it this way, you wouldn’t expect it in a room full of consenting adults. While singing."

Damian Lewis revealed in November 2012 that he and Patinkin have sang Stephen Sondheim songs before and Patinkin corrected his singing.

"As we went through the duet, Mandy said, 'No no no, that note's wrong, come here, sit with me' and sat me down on a sofa, and then corrected me the whole way through the song," Lewis said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

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