03/12/2013 05:52 pm ET

The Trashiest Spring Break Destinations: COED Magazine List (PHOTOS)


The friendly editors here at HuffPost College do not judge. We cast no stones and were not chosen for our saintly life decisions when off the clock. So we say you're free to enjoy your spring break as you choose. Volunteering is a great way to spend a week, but mini-golf, go-karting and burning yourself in the sun on a beach with a cooler of cheap beer at arm's length sounds great too.

We understand Cancun and faraway islands aren't in everyone's budget or plans, so we partnered up with COED magazine to present their list of the "trashiest" places to spend a spring break.

Take a look, and let that cocktail of temptation and the lyrics of this week's popular "don't think twice; hit the road" country song take hold. Just don't let us catch you in the inevitably haunting YouTube spring break video round-up (from which these images are taken) slurping up shots off a blonde from the University of Alabama. That's best relived in memories.

Coed Magazine's Trashiest Spring Break Destinations

Click here for the full list.

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